Dairy Crossbreeding FAQs – Planning

F1 Norwegian Red x Holstein two-way crossbred
F1 Norwegian Red x Holstein two-way crossbred

I am only interested in using two breeds in a breeding program. How much hybrid vigor will I lose, and is this a problem?

When considering any breeding program, the goal is to breed a herd that fits your goals and situation. When deciding on the HYVIG dairy crossbreeding program, breeds and the sires needed to meet your needs, you need to consider your goals. Overall, when your dairy crossbreeding program is mature, a 3-way cross will result in 86% heterosis, and a 2-way cross will provide 67% heterosis.

How would a producer who is not paid for protein or fat use HYVIG dairy crossbreeding?

Few modern dairy industries only pay producers based on fluid with no consideration for fat or protein. In these situations, HYVIG dairy crosses are likely to be advantageous, especially for intensely managed herds.

A HYVIG dairy crossbreeding program is all about breeding trouble-free, profitable cows. Improved fertility, fewer vet treatments, healthy vigorous calves and quality milk production benefit all producers, no matter what the milk payment system.

It is well-accepted that the first cross cows perform well, but where do I go next?

It is important to have a plan for your dairy crossbreeding program. However, things change – so like all good plans, it must be flexible. Depending on your goals for your HYVIG dairy crossbreeding advisor may suggest a 2- or 3-way program. The breeds selected will be chosen based on the traits they offer to improve your herd.

I want a consistent herd of cows as I find them easier to manage. Will my herd have a lot of variety when I introduce HYVIG dairy crossbreeding?

It is important to consider the implications of using different breeds in your program. Your HYVIG dairy crossbreeding advisor can advise you on what to expect when considering various options. For example, Norwegian Red will lower stature about 2-3 inches when used on Holsteins and lower weight by 100-150 pounds resulting in a slightly shorter “stockier” cow. However, introducing Jersey would drop size and stature dramatically and produce a much different cow.

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