Sexcel™ 60/40 Synch

A better way to make replacements

  • Combine sexed semen & synchronization to maximize productivity and efficiency
  • Get replacements specifically designed for maternal value from your early calving cows
  • Harness the power of Sexcel® to use the best female making bulls available
  • Once replacements are made, you have the flexibility to add more power, pounds and terminal value to your late born calves
  • Add $50-$100 per calf with terminal matings
  • 100 unit combination packages available at 60/40 special price levels

Resulting Calves



Maternally Designed

Al Sired heifer calves to retain


Terminally Designed

Steer & heifer calves to market

(includes both AI and natural service calves)

Make Matings with Intent

“We conducted a study in 2017 evaluating the use of Sexcel™ gender-skewed semen in conjunction with a fixed time AI protocol. Nearly 900 beef cows and heifers in six different herds were used in this project. Based on our experience, Sexcel™ gender-skewed semen can successfully be used in fixed-time AI protocols among animals that exhibit estrus.”

Dr. George Perry, South Dakota State University

SEXCEL™ Beef Trial at SDSU

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