Udder Care

ABS Udder Care Products and the ABS Quality Milk System®

ABS provides the most reliable, valuable products to benefit producers across the globe. The ABS Quality Milk System® product line contains ASC germicide that swiftly kills all mastitis-causing organisms, including Staph, Strep, Mycoplasma, molds and yeasts. Each of the Valiant and Express products contains a secondary germicide, ensuring teats are protected right up to the next milking as proven by University studies. The effective combination of skin conditioners is formulated to maintain healthy skin year-round, and a bright color clearly identifies dipped teats.

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The ABS Valiant line is the most effective and flexible line of udder care products available in the industry. Arrow icon


Encore products provide producers an opportunity to experience the teat conditioning expert. Arrow icon


Experience the power of chlorine dioxide in an economical, convenient concentrate. Arrow icon

Foam Active Wipes

Valiant Foam-Active Wipes are a revolutionary new wipe designed to be used before milking to provide an efficient and effective tool for pre-milking sanitation. Arrow icon


Bacteria causes disease and illness. This affects your calves and heifers, as well as your bottom-line. Arrow icon

Powered by Acidified Sodium Chlorite Technology

ABS uddercare products include various Acidified Sodium Chlorite (ASC), also known as Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), based products to fit your dairy’s needs. ASC is an effective bacterial, fungicidal, viricidal broad-spectrum agent, making this germicide very effective under organic loads, including manure, mud, bedding or milk, where other teat dips lose their effectiveness. For example, the Associated of Analytical Chemists (AOAC) proved that ABS uddercare products have a 15-second kill after application., even under a 10% organic load.

Despite its effectiveness and speed, ASC is residue safe, breaking down into naturally occurring materials and has been trusted for commercial use for over 60 years.

Note: Chlorine Dioxide should not be confused with Chlorine.


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