Our Stories – Lynda Dooley

Executive Assistant to Marketing and Strategy Team – EMEA

Hi, My name is Lynda Dooley and I’m Executive Assistant to Marketing and Strategy Team – EMEA. I’ve been with Genus ABS for 23 years.

I’ve been involved in a number of different roles. I started as an IT temp. for Genus, then went on to work as a Promar team secretary for 9 years when the office was still over in Crewe. I then made the move into Genus and worked first in HR then as Andrew Thompson’s PA for 5 years.

I loved all of my time working for Andrew Thompson; being his assistant was a full on role that involved lots of travelling to other regions. My first task was to organise the Genus conference in Lake Garda. I worked closely with Andia D’ubaldo in Italy, it was actually the first time I had travelled outside of UK for work. It was great to meet with and get to know lots of international colleagues whilst organising the conference. The conference was the first event I had  organised outside the UK so it was all very new but all the more exciting to see the finished product with everyone out there.

Now, I’m working as PA to Hugh Ratcliffe and Nicky McDougal and loving my new role. There is lots of variety under Hugh and Nicky. As PA to both of them I have to be adaptable to the different needs of each of them. The work that we do can be challenging but is really enjoyable. I’ve especially loved getting back in touch with the sales teams and being involved in their meetings.

I think the key success of Genus ABS is its adaptability and approachability

No day is the same, and I’m sure it will become even more varied once we are able to be out and about again. Normally, there is quite a bit of calendar checking with both Hugh and Nicky and helping them to set priorities for their diaries. I’m also helping out on projects too, such as the sales teams challenge.

I think the key success of Genus ABS is its adaptability and approachability. Also, I think it is important to want to help others succeed, whether that is other staff or the farmers we work with. Once of my personal highlights would have to be Sexcel. I remember when it was launched – we were waiting a few years to do it because of the legal issues so it was fantastic to see it go ahead. It wasn’t launched that long ago so its amazing to see it become an essential part of what we sell now.

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